Welcome to the world of SMS also known as Text Message Marketing. Real View Marketing is an amazing platform that will take care of all your Mobile Marketing needs. Online Marketing is changing and now going into 2017 SMS is getting very popular. More people now use their mobile device to do everything, and are using email less and less these days. With Facebook Messenger and Text Messaging, more and more people are using their mobile devices to communicate. Real View Marketing has developed a plug-in system where our number rotator and message rotator is hand down the most sophisticated in the Industry making it easier for you mobile marketing campaigns.

Text messaging is another valuable tool that you Marketing Business Building Toolbox. Why? Did you know that email, which is still a very valuable and powerful tool to use to build your business, has an average Open Rate of about 5%? That is, if you’re lucky and have a good list to mail to. And people tend to check their emails when they get around to it, hours or even days later. Compare that to Text Messages which have an Open Rate of over 95%! And people check their text messages IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.

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